D7 Passive Income Visa

A very popular and cost efficient visa to gain residency in Portugal.

D 7 Passive Income Visa - Perfect for Retirees, Post Brexit Brits, Crypto Traders, Landlords, and people looking to settle, and enjoy the huge opportunities and envied lifestyle of Portugal.

Qualifying applicants must receive income from either property rentals, dividends, royalties, regular state or private pension payments of an annual amount equivalent to 9,200 EUR

By securing a D7 Visa you gain access to the following benefits: 

  1. Portuguese Passport & EU Citizenship eligibility in only 5 years;
  2. The ability to secure Portuguese residency for your children, spouse and parental dependents and provide them with the same 5-year route to EU Citizenship;
  3. The immediate right to work or establish a business for yourself and your family within Portugal
  4. Under this program, you can have zero tax exposure in Portugal on Non-Portuguese Income, and a maximum tax threshold of 20 % on Portuguese sourced income for NHR listed occupations;
  5. Immediate freedom of movement within the EU;
  6. Access to free Portuguese and EU health care;
  7. Full work, and study rights for you, and your dependents including access to over 100s of English Degree Courses within the EU;
  8. A route to Portuguese & EU Citizenship with no mandatory investment in Portuguese property.

We have a 100 percent success rate on qualifying applicants.

Contact us now so we can help assess your passive income to make sure you qualify correctly.

Note* This programme is for Non-EU Nationals only and people who receive a passive income from outside of Portugal *

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