D2 Business Visa

D 2 Entrepreneurs’ Visa - Change your life, invest, settle, and secure your whole family’s future in amazing Portugal

The D2 Visa enables the applicant to enter Portugal and start-up a company in a diverse range of sectors ranging from individual consultancies, to travel agencies and import/export firms. Provided you have a viable business idea, Portugal is willing to let you base your family and company in their country!

By securing a D2 Visa you gain access to the following benefits: 

  1. Basing your business in the heart of the EU and the burgeoning start-up capital of Europe along with huge investment opportunities
  2. Portuguese Passport & EU Citizenship eligibility in only 5 years
  3. Locked-in rights to work and settle and a path to EU citizenship for your children, spouse, parents and mother/father-in-law on the same terms;
  4. Under this program, you can have zero tax exposure in Portugal on Non-Portuguese Income, and a maximum tax threshold of 20 % on Portuguese sourced income for NHR listed occupations;
  5. Immediate freedom of movement within the EU;
  6. Access to free Portuguese and EU health care for you and your family;
  7. Full work, and study rights for your dependents including access to over 100s of English Degree Courses within the EU;

We have a 100% success rate on qualifying applicants.

Apply now for our full qualification assessment and initial advice of eligibility for the Portugal D2 Visa. We can also help you structure and compose a coherent business plan.

Note* This programme is for Non-EU Nationals only and entrepreneurs who have the desire to open a business in Portugal.

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