About Us

GVP Life Limited is a company established by Hong Kong and Portuguese Residents who themselves have been through the process of obtaining residency in Portugal and have made several successful property investments in Portugal.

Our company is based in Hong Kong, with founders also located in Portugal. This unique combination means that our Asia-based clients have access to us in Hong Kong and Portugal at anytime, a combination that no other company can match.

To create a service based in Hong Kong on our founders’ experiences in Portugal that no services were tailored for Hong Kong residents and expatriates who need a simple, transparent, trustworthy and full service to attaining their desires to secure a rock solid property investment with golden visa benefits for their family.


Contact Us
+852 63973543
+852 63973543
Main office
Unit 2018, 20 / F, 18 - 24 Shan Mei Street, Fotan, N.T., Hong Kong
Meetings held in our central office by email appointment only. Key persons: Kieron Norris, Jason Gillott