About Us

Kieron Norris – CEO of our company, Co Founder, Hong Kong Resident

Kieron is based in Hong Kong and has lived there for 5 years. Before coming to Hong Kong, Kieron enjoyed a career as a Scotland Yard U.K. Police Detective, investigating serious organised crime including drugs and firearm trafficking, as well as money laundering, corruption and financial crime investigations. Kieron moved to Hong Kong to take up a role as a Security Consultant with a leading American security company and has since led Security and Risk Advisory Services for one of the largest engineering firms in the world.

Kieron has established himself as a subject matter expert in the field of security and safety and was a keynote speaker for The Economist at the launch of their Safer Cities Index which was televised on Channel News Asia in August 2019. 

Kieron follows safety and security trends in the world and, having recognised the huge strides Portugal has made in improving public safety, he firmly believes that Portugal offers the safety, security and stability that is becoming scarce in an increasingly unpredictable world.

Mike McKevith – Senior Legal Counsel for our company, Hong Kong Resident

Originally from New Zealand, Mike is a former Senior Legal Counsel with a leading tobacco firm and specialist in International due diligence, contract law, litigation and registered trademarks.

Jason Gillott - Co Founder of our Company

The other founder of our company is a Permanent Hong Kong Resident of 23 years and has invested personally into Portuguese property, and gone through the immigration process with his Asian spouse, and made a very successful transition into Portugal, so knows all the key obstacles, issues and pleasures of settling in.

Jason came to Hong Kong in 1997 and built up successful businesses, originally a teacher he invested into property in his hometown Cambridge, UK and soon after bought flats in Hong Kong during SARS seeing an opportunity, thereafter he did not look back and started a property business and invested heavily into Macau at the start of the casino boom in 2004. He is also is a main shareholder in a famous Cognac brand.

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+852 63973543
+852 63973543
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Unit 2018, 20 / F, 18 - 24 Shan Mei Street, Fotan, N.T., Hong Kong
Meetings held in our central office by email appointment only. Key persons: Kieron Norris, Jason Gillott